A truck can seem like a modification of yourself, which is why it’s no surprise that so many choose to upgrade and modify their rides to suit their style and driving needs. Whether you’re building up your truck for aesthetic purposes with bigger rims and better tires, or you want to maximize performance with cool air intake and an upgraded engine. Either way, Diesel Performance System can help you get the parts you need to make your truck stand out or fit in just the way you need it to.


Take a look at the top 4 modifications truck enthusiasts are currently undertaking.


1. Performance Tires:


Tyres aren’t always the first part a gearhead things to change, but on a truck, it can make a huge difference. The major reasons to change tyres on a truck are to increase size, to increase drivability in all-terrain settings, and to increase the value of the vehicle with custom parts. Performance tyres give you better grip on the road, a heavier sturdy steel wheel to take on any road, and deeper tread to bite into off-road conditions and keep your truck bouncing back for more. The cost to upgrade to performance tires will depend on the size of the wheel, the brand, and the materials used in the tyres.


At Diesel Performance System, we have complete wheel instillation kit packages complete wit Moto Metal rims, and KMC. These flashy specialty rims can be paired with top brand tires such as Michelin LTX, Mud Grappler, or Nitto Dune. If you’re interested in learning more about the brands and sizes currently available, contact us today.



2. Exhaust Upgrades:



Your exhaust system helps keep all the toxins and gases away from your engine by funneling them out of your vehicle. This is a crucial part for every truck, especially ones that work hard, and spend more time driving in off-road conditions where the engine works harder to get where it needs to go. At Diesel Performance System we offer high grade aluminized tubing in the 15 to 16 gage. Aftermarket performance exhaust systems can help your ride run smoother and breathe easier. Things you might notice after upgrading are lower gas consumption rates, less overheating, and more horsepower.


All of these parts are manufactured right here in the United States, so you know exactly where your parts are coming from, and who your money is supporting. We believe in supporting local economies rather than outsourcing international products for our customer’s vehicles.



3. Engine Rebuild:


Your engine is the heart of your truck, it’s what turns that gas into energy and makes your vehicle go from point A to point B. While a standard engine will do the job, performance engine upgrade kits can take your truck to the next level. This is a very popular rebuild or modification for truckers, especially off-roaders, because it repairs any previous damage to the engine which could be causing leaks in oil or coolant. It can also give your car a boost in horsepower, and reduce fuel wastage.


Diesel Performance System understands how intimidating it can be to try and rebuild an engine on your own. It takes time and money to track down all the right parts, which is why our engine rebuild kits come with all of the parts you need for a complete rebuild. Tell us what make and model you’re overhauling, and we’ll get you everything you need to make it happen.



4. Cold Air Intake:



Another popular upgrade many truckers make is a cold air intake. This filters cool air into the engine, and helps keep your vehicle from overheating. It’s a small adjustment, but it can make a big difference, especially if your truck is used to working hard. More air in the engine leads to more horsepower and torque. If you want your truck to go harder and move faster without the fear of overheating, this is an upgrade you should definitely consider.


At Diesel Performance System we believe that life is too short to stay stock, so contact us today to learn more about ways that you can increase the value of your truck.

4 Modifications That Will Make Your Truck Stand Out
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