Truck enthusiasts think of their vehicle like family, so it makes sense that most people want to extend the life of their truck. While no automobile can last forever, there are plenty of faithful models which will live past their best before dates if you treat them right. At Diesel Performance System we know a few tricks for maintaining trucks and keeping them looking and feeling fresh. Check out these 5 tips for extending the life of your truck.


1. Use the Right Tires



It seems like such a small detail, but the tyres rolling under your truck make a big difference as to how much damage the body is going to take during regular use. Trucks have the ability to ride on wheels that are bigger than the average car tire. The bigger the wheel, and the greater the ground clearance, the less damage and debris you’re going to see under the truck.


Do you take your truck off-roading, or is it strictly reserved for city streets? These are the questions which need to be answered in order to get the best tires for the job. If you plan on taking your truck into the mud, all-terrain, or mud-terrain tires will help increase grip and shock resistance. Deep tread and durable outer shells repel water and help your truck stay stable while you’re driving through ditches and dirt.


Diving on the right tire for the weather is also important, as it can reduce accidents and keep you in control. If you live in an area where ice and snow are prominent during the winter months, be sure to use winter tires to drive. All seasons are okay in areas where it snows only a few times a year, but if you’re looking at driving in ice and slush for a few months out of the year, a snow tire is a must.



2. Regular Maintenance



Make sure that you’re taking your truck in for regular maintenance with a certified mechanic to monitor any trouble with the internal components. It’s easy to spot trouble on the exterior of your vehicle, but a trained professional will better understand the inner workings of your make and model and diagnose issues you may have missed. Skipping a tune up or alignment can be bad for your truck.


Every 8,000 miles your wheels should be rotated, and once a month you should check the air pressure to determine whether they need to be refilled.



3. Performance Upgrades


Aftermarket exhausts, performance tires, and engine upgrade rebuilds all add value to your truck, and help to prolong its life. Just as you would update a house by implementing new doors, windows, and hardware as the old stuff wears out, your truck will need a few updates overtime as well.


Watch for patches of rust or chips where water could get beneath paint and affect the frame. Have this body work completed by a professional as soon as you notice it to reduce the potential for future damage.



4. Check Fluid Levels Regularly


All of the fluids used in your car are important and perform a job. From the fuel in your tank to the oil on your dip stick. Check fluids regularly for discoloration, debris, or depletion. Make sure that the right amount of fluid is always available, and never let any required fluid run below the required line. This could be damaging to your truck.



5. Keep it Clean



Keep your truck clean, and dry when possible to avoid rust, paint chipping, and other potential damage. Take some time out once a week, or every two weeks to wash your truck and check the body and beneath the hood for any possible damage.


Your tyres need to be cleaned and checked for damage the same way the rest of your truck does. When you wash your truck, take the time to go over the wheels with a tyre brush and polish. Look for deep punctures or protrusions and patch it accordingly.


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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Truck
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