Those who care about their vehicles will pay a lot of attention to every detail. If you speak to them, they can answer any question you have about their car’s performance, engine size, speed, and even mileage. So, when it comes to tyres, it just stands to reason that they will want to know everything about how a new size will affect their car’s overall performance. Many people are interested in low profile tyres.

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably just as interested in why anyone would be interested in these tyres. To answer this question, it might be best to understand a little about their unique characteristics.

low profile tyres

Low Profile Tyres – what’s the deal?

It goes without saying that like everything else, the tyre industry is going through a sort of revolution. As more modern technology is being introduced the rate of change in the industry continues to race to keep up. The old days of the traditional tyre with the wider sidewalls and a narrow tread are slowly fading into the sunset along with cowboys and horse wrangling. In its place are these strange looking tyres that show a short sidewall height and a wider tread.

Aside from looking a little unusual compared to other more standard tyre, there is more to low profile tyres than meets the eye. Before you decide to make such a purchase it is a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of how they will affect your car’s performance when you’re on the road.


One of the main reasons why people choose these tyres is because of the enhanced performance. Depending on your specific needs some of these benefits may be important to you. Because of their wider design, more of the tyre’s surface comes in contact with the road giving you improved traction. This results in better maneuverability and easier steering. They can also increase the speed of your car as well as allow you to bring your car to a full stop in a shorter distance. You’ll even find that low profile tyres are even more visually appealing to many people.


However, there are a few factors that may not be appealing to many people. Many have found that they get a strange feeling when steering the car that is uncomfortable. They also point out that there is an unusual increase in noise from more of the tyre coming in contact with the road. And they have complained that they are less relaxed while driving.

Whatever may be your personal experience, it pays to have a detailed conversation with a tyre expert about how these factors could affect your driving so you can decide if they are the right purchase for you.

What to Look for in a Low Profile Tyre

These tyres are usually built for enhanced performance and therefore have several distinct features that are different from the standard tyre. To start with, the apex of the tyre is stiffer and wider than usual. This is to help with improved power when taking on corners and curves in the road.

Some will have flange protectors for the wheels, which give the tyre more lateral stiffness. You’ll also have lower angle belts so the car can be more responsive to your driving. They may be overlayed with a special material to give you better speed and the thread cap works to enhance traction on both wet and dry roads. Finally, the unique thread pattern has been developed to use fewer blades to improve handling capabilities.

There are many features to consider with low profile tyres that you do not have to consider when purchasing a standard tyre. While for many, they are definitely aesthetically appealing, they will have an impact on how your car performs and how comfortable you are when driving. These are important issues that will need to be adapted to but are certainly worth considering. Before you make the decision to purchase these tyres it is important to have a consultation with a tyre expert to see if it’s the right decision for you. If possible, take a test drive on a vehicle that already has these tyres on them to make sure that you will be comfortable with your decision. Those that do, will find that their new tyres are everything they expected and there will be no unpleasant surprises.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Low Profile Tyres
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