Diesel Performance Systems provides after-market automotive parts for diesel-based vehicles. Our focus is in providing products with the highest quality, complete with reviews and operational instructions. Our product reviews will give you the best insight to get the best performance out of your diesel system and our guides will help you maintain your truck or vehicle, for better safety and mileage.


Upgrade your Performance!

From our diesel exhaust systems that will lower exhaust gas temperatures by up to as much as 300 degrees Fahrenheit, to wheels and tyres that provide better traction, our systems will increase your fuel economy significantly. Individual driving styles vary, but you may be getting savings of between 3-5 miles per gallon.

Horsepower and torque gains vary between each vehicle make and model, but if you have or are planning to do any computer or injector modifications to your vehicle, our high performance systems will be a “MUST HAVE” accessory to your diesel performance needs.


Customers are our primary concerns!

As our product offerings and knowledge expand, rest assured that we are still focused on meeting the needs of the customer by supplying high quality parts and service. We strive to make you the customer number one.

We understand that there are many places you can purchase diesel performance components and some at a lower cost. Diesel Performance Systems understands that you, the customer, demand the most from your hard earned dollar.

This is why we only represent the highest quality parts made.

From the heavy duty turbo machine flares and machined flanges and fully aluminized mandrel bent tubing, to our all-welded steel mufflers, tyres, engine parts and kits – our carefully selected products are second to none.

Our customer service department is available for any questions or concerns that you may encounter. Our service representatives are knowledgeable with all of our products thoroughly and can assist you with all of your technical questions. Most of all we understand that you, the customer, are the reason that we’re here. Your business is our privilege and we are here to treat you with the respect and high-quality products that you deserve.