Trucks age, this is a fact of life, but it doesn’t mean you need to send your old friend to the scrap yard. Rather than tossing out an old vehicle, consider the concept of updating, upgrading, and rebuilding parts that could improve the drivability and fuel consumption of your ride. Not every truck can be saved, but if she runs, and the body is in good condition, you might want to consider upgrading.


Before you begin undergoing the transformation process, create a budget and determine how much you want to spend, based on the number of years you have left with your truck. If your vehicle is less than ten years old, there’s plenty of time to enjoy it, if it’s more than a decade old, you might want to take it in for a checkup and some maintenance before making the decision to rebuild.



Upgraded Engine



The first place to look when it comes to updating an out of date truck is the engine. This is the heart of your truck and you want to get it beating again. Here at Diesel Performance System, we offer full engine rebuild kits with everything you need to overhaul your engine. If you’re unsure about installing the new model yourself, a certified mechanic can use professional equipment to hoist it into the body of your truck.


This upgrade will provide more horsepower, torque, and better fuel consumption. It may also improve the sound and overall feel of your drive.


Performance Tyres



The tyres you drive on make a big difference in the way your vehicle handles. Performance tyres may cost more than an average set of wheels, but that’s because they do more, last longer and let you drive further. Be sure to get the right kind of tyres for the activities you perform with your vehicle. Use all-terrain tyres if you plan on a mix of on and off-roading activity, and go for the mud-terrain if you plan on being out in the woods a lot.



Aftermarket Exhaust


Whether you’re implementing a dual exhaust where a single used to dwell, or you just need a new muffler, aftermarket exhaust parts can increase horsepower and keep your engine cooler for longer. The exhaust helps pull away gas fumes from your engine, increasing engine performance, and giving you an overall smoother ride. If your exhaust pipe has rust, holes, or is becoming ineffective, it’s time to trade up and find one that will get the job done.


If you’re unsure about which exhaust system you need, give us a call at Diesel Performance System. Our trained staff is always happy to answer any questions you might have to improve your driving experience and increase the life of your truck.



New Coat of Paint



Finally, a new coat of paint can work wonders for a truck. Not only in aesthetics, but as a form of protection against the elements as well. When auto body mechanics paint vehicles, they first sand down any area where rust has begun to form, dents and scrapes are filled with body fill, and then the vehicle is painted with a water based paint. You might be wondering how the paint stays in place if it’s water soluble. This is where the clear coat comes in. Clear coat is a thick top layer that goes on over your initial coat of paint. This is what keeps water and rust out, and keeps color locked in. It also adds shine and polish to the finish of your vehicle, restoring it to its former beauty.


A new coat of paint is the perfect finishing touch for an old truck with some great upgrades. A full paint job can be costly, but worth it if you plan on keeping your vehicle for another few years at least.


For more information on available upgrade parts, such as performance tyres, aftermarket exhausts, and full engine rebuild kits, contact us today. Visit us online at, and read our other blogs for a look at useful tips and news for truck owners.

To Toss or Upgrade, Make Your Truck Better
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